Table with various headers
Demonstrates how you can add subheaders, footnotes and other insertions into your data table
This is sub-header, goes inside "thead" tag
This is part of body, goes before other rows
Salary€ 200.00
This goes above row with ID=2 (Purchase goods)
Purchase goods€ -120.00
Tax€ -40.00
manually injected row after Tax€ -0.02
This will appear above totals
Totals:€ 79.98
Columns with multiple formats
Single column can use logic to swap out formatters
ActionAmountAmount Copy
SalaryRefunded: € 200.00€ 200.00
Purchase goodsRefunded: € -120.00€ -120.00
TaxRefunded: € -40.00too little to matter
Table with resizable columns
Just drag column header to resize
ActionAmountAmount Copy
Salary€ 200.00€ 200.00
Purchase goods€ -120.00€ -120.00
Tax€ -40.00€ -40.00